As defined by the Brazilian Association of Clinical Engineering (ABEClin): The professional of Clinical Engineering is one who applies engineering techniques in the management of health equipment with the aim of ensuring traceability, usability, quality, efficacy, effectiveness, safety and performance of this equipment, in order to promote patient safety and Article 196 of the 1988 Brazilian Federal Constitution, "Health is the right of all and the duty of the State, guaranteed through social and economic policies aimed at reducing the risk of disease and other diseases and universal and equal access to actions and services. for your promotion, protection and recovery " It is concluded that the management of Medical-Hospital Technology is part of the core business of health units. 



LET'S BE DIFFERENT? CLINICAL ENGINEERING should not be seen as COST, but as INVESTMENT OR INSURANCE! We will act together, contributing to the health of the country through the practice of excellence in the management of medical and hospital technologies.